Antivirus as one of the information security options

Choice of antivirus, one of the important defenders of safety of your data

The choice of antivirus is something similar to the choice of partner in life. At first sight this comparison can seem to be a little disputable but when you get down to it, we can easily agree with this approach to the choice of antivirus for your computer. After all, if you think well, any user will coexist with antivirus for many years, as according to statistics an ordinary user changes antivirus pretty seldom if it works successfully and catches all viruses. Thus, it is necessary to remember that the choice of antivirus is important and necessary business. In modern wild conditions of contamination of network by large number of harmful programs, it is almost impossible to use computer without antivirus. In fact, the probability of infection of the computer by various external methods is rather high. And unauthorized access to your information or data will be fraught for you.

The concept of good antivirus is pretty comprehensive. For some, free antivirus is a powerful and qualitative defender of personal information and operability of computer from threats of harmful programs. But for great number of people who spend certain sum of money to purchase the license for antivirus every year, free antivirus is excluded, because they act according to the rule which says ‘there is no such thing as free lunch’, so free antiviruses are simply deception.

It is possible to say that it was actually so. Firstly, free antiviruses were pared-down, i.e. many key functions were removed, and antivirus could find viruses only when antivirus scanner was switched on. Of course, it gave a huge hole in protection of the user. But modern free antiviruses became better, almost all large world companies engaged in production of antivirus software, started producing free versions of antivirus that gives them a number of advantages in business dealing. But as we can notice the market of antivirus software is constantly growing and developing, and it is possible to find both paid and free antiviruses there. The choice of the best antivirus entirely lies on shoulders of the user. Only by trying different antiviruses it is possible to find one which will be the most suitable for private use. Only the user should decide which antivirus to choose after having tried some of them on the computer