Hard Disk repair, DATA recovery from HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

All data necessary for work of operating system as well as files of users are stored on hard disk of laptop. In case of damage of HDD access to this information is lost partially or completely – depending on the extent of complications. If problems in the work of hard disk aren’t diagnosed in time, it can lead to final loss of data without possibility of their restoration.

How to define that something is wrong with hard disk?

It can be done according to the following signs:

If we ignore these signals, after a while hard disk will finally break and all your data will be irretrievably lost. Therefore, save all information valuable to you on the external media (for example, on memory stick or portable hard disk) or load it into file storage in the Internet in advance.

Hard disk failures can be both logical or electronic.

In the first case HDD file system is damaged. Its recovery is carried out with the help of special software and implies recovery of data and directory of files structure.

In the second case electronics fails. It happens because of static electricity or drop of power supply. In case of such failures HDD cannot be untwisted and gives no sounds. Also there can be burnt traces on board of electronics and some elements can be destroyed. Repair or replacement of electronics is necessary to eliminate failures of this kind. This work should be carried out only by professionals.

If hard disk is broken or you need to recover the data, just call us!

In case of problems with hard disk address for diagnostics and repair to us! You can get initial consultation by phone or e-mail – choose the way which is most convenient for you. Don't wait when HDD of your computer finally fails and your data is lost forever – come to us, and we will certainly help you to cope with this problem!