How to avoid laptop overheating?

Sooner or later every owner of an ‘iron friend’ faces overheating. Laptop body heats up rashly. Sometimes it makes noisy sounds which were absent earlier. From time to time it fails and reboots.

What to do in order not to confront with laptop overheating?

  1. Don’t use a laptop in bed. If you want to do so, use special stands. There is a wide range of laptop stands, so you may choose one to your taste.
  2. Don’t hold it on your knees for a long time. There is no air inflow in such a position. Use a stand to give a breath of air to your laptop.
  3. Always switch off your laptop when carrying in bag. There is no air circulation in bag.
  4. Clean your laptop as dust accumulates. It’s better to commit cleaning to specialists because laptop construction differs from that of desktop computer which can be cleaned from dust by the owner.
  5. There should be enough space between laptop back cover and any other surface in order that laptop doesn’t heat.

Remember that most often bad cooling and dust are the reason for overheating of laptop.

Observing recommendations listed in the article you will be able to enjoy your work with laptop with ease.