Acceleration of Wi-Fi by free program inSSlDer

Nowadays almost everybody has a computer and some people buy not only desktop computers but also smart phones, tablets and netbooks. To connect all these gadgets to the Internet it’s necessary either to order this service from telephone company or to buy a router. This device is a fixed transmitter working with net and making decision on distributing data among its users. At the same time many people worry about the loss of speed due to the use of routers that’s why solving this problem is important.

How to accelerate your wireless Internet?

Having carried out about one million tests in Great Britain, Italy and the USA, international researchers, concluded that wireless Internet works more slowly, than wire one. And it happens because neighbor flats are covered by a router too. Also router catches signals from TV remote controller, baby monitor, radio telephone and other wireless equipment. But despite this slowing down, people continue to use wireless network anyway. Thus speed practically doesn't influence checking mail and viewing various pages of the browser, but the use of fast Internet is a matter of principle for those people who like watching movies or downloading new games.

In the CIS countries there are only 12 channels for the use of router, while there are 13 or 14 of them in other foreign countries. In order that router worked in the normal high-speed mode, it is necessary to install free inSSlDer program. We should mention that it is suitable for every Windows system.

Let’s consider its important features. InSSIDer is a free utility checking all neighboring networks. After scanning of all possible inputs the program will show all information on them. Besides, it can give information on which channel is least occupied, and also will specify the type of information and speed of this network. At the same time, using this utility, power of signal can be traced by means of dynamic schedules. InSSIDer works quite well without any failures.

To accelerate connection, it is necessary to do the following:

  1. Window with the result appears after checking all available networks. It is necessary to find out, which channel is least used.
  2. We open the menu of settings of a router and choose the freest channel. For this purpose it is necessary to press an icon of management of this router in a window of the program. We type in a line of the address.
  3. But it happens so that this IP address doesn't suit. In that case it is necessary to do the following: we press ‘Win+R’ and type the word ‘cmd’ in the appearing window. The terminal in which we type the word ‘ipconfig’ will be started. Further we look at and remember the address.
  4. We enter the control panel and find the function of change of the channel. It is situated in settings of a network. Sometimes routers can independently choose free channels, but it is better to carry out this operation manually.
  5. We reset the router and reconnect the computer to a network in order that settings came into force.

We should mention that in most cases the router starts working much better after all introduced actions. Connection becomes more stable, and Internet speed increases. At that, this method doesn’t help to everyone. Routers with automatic analysis of networks can carry out necessary operations independently and therefore manual control won't give results. Anyway it is worth trying to use the inSSlDer program to resolve the problem of slow connection.