Your Home Russian TV

Simple as all great things in life!

Watching Russian TV channels outside of Russia without using a satellite dish or cable. You don’t need any longer to be content with small number of channels. Now we’d like to present to your attention more than 100 Russian channels, including special channels (comedy, children’s, scientific, sports , information , for watching movies , etc.)!

Also, for your comfort our subscription includes the function "Archive", i.e. you can watch the recording of any channel for the last 2 weeks. And you won’t be upset because you have missed your favorite TV show or movie.

And that's not all! KartinaTV offers such a service as "Video Library". You receive access to more than 3000 best films of the world, which may be watched at any time you want!

To have digital Russian TV from KartinaTV, you only need to have access to the Internet. Ordering is fast and easy, the equipment comes from 5 to 10 working days.