Printing of advertising materials – polygraphy, business cards

Business Cards - an integral part of the image of any company or business person. Therefore, their creation should be approached with the utmost responsibility. It is best to entrust the task to those skilled in the field of printing, which will fulfill your order with a professional approach. Our printing offers services in manufacturing cards. We can print your business card layout or help with its development. Our designers will provide you with several options, and you will be required to approve a design you like.

Standard sizes of business cards in Russia - 5 * 9 cm, in Europe and the United States - 8.5 * 5.5 cm Business cards can be color or black and white, with the image on both sides or only on one. For production of business cards can be used designer paper that highlight the status and prestige of your company. Once you have decided on the size and design of business cards, you can proceed to their production. The latest equipment, which is used in our printing let us print a large circulation in a short term.

The final stage in the process of creating business cards - Finishing. At this stage we can do cutting, rounded corners, lamination of cards. If desired, you can perform embossing or foiling, which will give the business card is an unusual and unique look. Modern printing capabilities allow endlessly experiment with cards design. Our printing specialists will gladly pick the option that best reflect the style of your company and have a positive impact on its image.