"Global-Direct.net" Price list 2015-2016 Prices in €

Computer Diagnostics and Repair

Computer diagnostics 30€
Computer diagnostics (with subsequent repair) Free
Installation of operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 70€
Installation of operating system:  Mac OS X 70€
Search, update and installation of drivers 30€
Backup copy of operational system 30€/per 

Installation of operating system

Installation of standard software package: antivirus, audio and video codecs pack, 7-Zip archiver, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser, Skype, ICQ or MSN 30€
Installation of additional software (every additional application) 20€


Installation of antivirus program 30€
Viruses and malware removal 30€

PC Assembling and Setting

Computer made to your order 50€
Setting of BIOS 20€
Installation of power unit 20€
Installation and setting of system board 20€
Installation and setting of processor 20€
Installation and setting of RAM (random access memory) 20€
Installation and setting of video card 20€
Installation and setting of audio card 20€
Installation and setting of SSD/HDD/BD/DVD/CD  20€
Connection and setting of peripheral equipment 20€

Other services

Other services are paid per hour 30€/per hour


•    If you have birthday (identification document is required) 15%
•    If you are a regular customer ( for those who used our services more than 3 times) 10%
•    If your order exceeds 100€ 5%


Additional information

Software: operational system, antiviruses and office suite are installed from client’s authentic software distributions or purchased (with the exception of computer software distributed on GNU General Public License terms)