Two-way satellite Internet service

There are different areas where Internet connection cannot be established on traditional way. Such types of connection like wired (ADSL), fiber-optic, 3G, Wi-Fi may not be available. In this case, satellite internet becomes the best solution.

Satellite Internet is useful where other ways of communication cannot be used due to various reasons. It works with the help of satellites and provides high speed and availability.

Currently, satellite internet is becoming more popular in locations such as villas, cottages, as well as water transport (ships, yachts).

In satellite internet two ways of data transmission can be distinguished: asymmetric and symmetric satellite internet.

With asymmetric satellite internet user receives the data stream from a satellite to a satellite dish, but it is not possible to transmit data through the same satellite dish. This variant is sometimes called one-sided and it is necessary to use other ways of data transmission. For example, conventional dial-up, a local network, Wi-Fi, etc. can be used as an outgoing signal. This way of data transmission helps to reduce costs that is the main advantage.

Symmetric satellite internet works somehow in different way. It is also called bidirectional where receiving and transmission signal takes place using one satellite dish. Therefore, a specific "gun" is fixed on it, which can receive and transmit a focused signal. This kind of internet is much more easy, but has its drawbacks: the high cost of the original equipment, as well as the tariffs of ISP.

Such a considerable expenses can be justified when there is no terrestrial signal. We are glad to assist you to place an order and to install required equipment.